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Coaching offers a range of advantages which differ depending on who's receiving the training an organisation or an individual.
In Organisations:
With a Personal Coach:
In Organisations:
Coaching Fosters Entrepreneurship and Initiative:
Through coaching, good employees learn to take the initiative, to become more self-directed, to assume greater responsibility and to become more valuable employees.
Coaching is the Bridge of Transition:
The coach can be the connection between old structures as they change over to the new. During periods of either downsizing or expansion, the coach can help integrate, facilitate and shorten the adjustment period for all.
Coaching Builds Better Teams:
The coach, free from politics and authority/power issues, is able to help a team to work more effectively in a short period. This avoids the occasional inability of an internal leader to empower the team and encourages the creation of self-directed employees/teams.
Coaching Delivers on Training:
A coach can help formally-trained participants apply their new learning to everyday applications, thus significantly boosting the value of the training and increasing the productivity of the organisation.
With a Personal Coach:
You set far better goals that motivate you to real achievement:
Choosing the right goals is an art. A coach takes the time to help you clarify your values and thus what will motivate you to achievement. This ensures you will have something solid on which to build. The coach then provides the feedback on your success in these areas.
You accomplish goals and projects much more quickly:
One of the reasons people hire coaches is to save themselves time. Working with a coach, they learn how to become more effective, more efficient and more productive in everything they do.
You make fewer mistakes:
A coach provides an outside view, someone who's worked with others in your situation, an expert in getting the job done with a minimum of fuss. Mistakes have become more costly to make in recent years, so a coach is often like an inexpensive insurance policy.
You have the benefit of personal and private training and development:
Time is often an issue for personal business training and development. A coach can provide this training on a one-to-one basis and then show you how to apply it everyday for maximum benefit without having to take days away from the business to learn.
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